PG&E Workshop

Our frequent project partners at Momentum asked us to produce this workshop on behalf of PG&E. PG&E needed to produce a high-quality public workshop focusing on gas research and climate change efforts. They emphasized the need for transparent communication, audience engagement, and the ability to gather real-time feedback. Our challenge was to create an interactive […]

Go Palladio Mall‚Äč

Go Palladio Mall

Reaching customers socially and bringing the virtual world to reality. Keeping the conversations top of mind with current retail store locations, products available, places to dine and events. Engaging with customers online keeps our client top of mind in the virtual social community and reminds real customers that Palladio in Folsom is the place they love to shop, dine and play.

Big Day of Giving

Big Day of Giving

A program of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation‚Äôs Give Local Now campaign and 529 non-profits in the five-county region.¬†The Big Day of Giving, or BigDOG as it has become known, is a twenty-four-hour marathon of giving aimed at activating everyday citizens as philanthropists. In the weeks ahead of the campaign, the Foundation was in need […]

Palladio Stache Bash

Stache Bash

MKTNG conceived of the The Stache Bash¬†as a live concert and party in collaboration with¬†Yelp¬†and¬†Palladio. Hosted on the Palladio Piazza, proceeds from the event benefited Folsom‚Äôs Leading Young Professionals (FLYP). Our Approach MKTNG created the Stache Bash as an opportunity for the Palladio Mall and it‚Äôs 55+ Stores to connect with a younger and influential […]

Pottery World‚Äč

Pottery World

A long time purveyor of fine pottery¬†and home decor,¬†Pottery World¬†has grown to sell other products, opened new locations and a cafe. After decades of business, the creative for their website, social media, online and print advertising had become disjointed. The ad creative was often provided for free by advertising vendors. Creative grew disparate and lacked […]

Natural Stone Design Gallery‚Äč

Natural Stone

Off the Grid¬†and apart from any design districts around Sacramento, Natural Stone Design Gallery is a stand-alone showroom isolated south of Sacramento. With over 25 years in business, Natural Stone Design Gallery had lost touch with their clientele. Our Approach Through the MKTNG brand positioning process, we provided Natural Stone Design Gallery with clarity regarding […]

Eskaton Traveling Gnome Project


The Traveling Gnome Project¬†was launched last year by Carly Amastisto, Activities Director for¬†Eskaton¬†Lodge Cameron Park. Project was conceived as a way in increase engagement by Eskaton residents with their community, but it has gone much further. Residents were paired with community members who were taking trips that had ties to resident careers or hobbies. The […]

Sacramento Beer Week at Palladio

Sacramento Beer Week at Palladio

/MKTNG¬†connected the Folsom community¬†with the celebration of Sacramento Beer Week at the¬†Palladio! We combined forces with¬†Chicago Fire,¬†Whole Foods Market,¬†Chops Steakhouse¬†and the¬†Chocolate Architect¬†and brought craft brew culture to suburbia. Participants had fun traveling each day to the four locations at the Palladio Mall, tasting a variety of craft beer, and having their passports stamped to win […]

Big day of Giving 2016

Big Day of Giving 2016

Big Day of Giving, or #BigDOG2016, is the 2016 online philanthropy campaign¬†for the¬†Sacramento Region Community Foundation. Now in it‚Äôs 3rd year, the twenty-four-hour marathon of giving has become the driving force for over 570 regional nonprofits. The Foundation turned to MKTNG once again to provide online marketing support ahead of the¬†Big Day, with around the […]