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A program of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation’s Give Local Now campaign and 529 non-profits in the five-county region. The Big Day of Giving, or BigDOG as it has become known, is a twenty-four-hour marathon of giving aimed at activating everyday citizens as philanthropists. In the weeks ahead of the campaign, the Foundation was in need of a professional team to manage content generation and engagement throughout the activation of the campaign.

Our Approach 

Two weeks prior to the Day of Giving, the MKTNG team collaborated with the Sacramento Region Community Foundation team to promote the Big Day of Giving. MKTNG took over the campaign’s official social media accounts for the two-week period ahead of the Day of Giving in addition to the day itself. MKTNG staff was onsite for the entire 24 hours during the giving campaign as well as at two separate satellite events, monitoring the official accounts and providing live updates to the public about prizes and benchmarks throughout the campaign.


On May 5th real-time social event posts extended the reach of the Big Day message further with our positions at Cesar Chavez Park and the Hot Italian in Sacramento. 12,970 posts created, 2,023 Contributors, 3,957,888 people reached, and 27,630,924 impressions served.

* The results of the campaign were in major part due to the excellent planning and hard work of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation team.

** The Big Day of Giving was a volunteer effort of MKTNG. Our time was donated at no cost to the Region Community Foundation.