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Big Day of Giving, or #BigDOG2016, is the 2016 online philanthropy campaign for the Sacramento Region Community Foundation. Now in it’s 3rd year, the twenty-four-hour marathon of giving has become the driving force for over 570 regional nonprofits. The Foundation turned to MKTNG once again to provide online marketing support ahead of the Big Day, with around the clock support on the Day of Giving.

Our Approach

The MKTNG team managed the online marketing for BigDOG for the month prior, promoting the Big Day. Event pages for the Foundation sponsored day and half-time show. By 8am on the Day of Giving, website servers managed by a third party began operating slowly, hindering donations and creating a poor experience for donors and nonprofits. Updates focused on rallying participation and maintaining excitement. MKTNG provided around the clock support for donors and nonprofits.

MKTNG provided extended support through the prolonged 39 hour marathon of giving.


On May 3th & 4th, 2016 MKTNG prov

ided real time reports to the public and local non-profits from headquarters as well the Cesar Chavez Park Half-time Show. Using positive messages and memes and converting social media channels into a customer support line, donors were redirected to alternative sites for donating.

The Region raised $7.4 Million for participating nonprofits, more than their goal, and a significant increase over the previous year.

* The results of the campaign was in part due to the excellent planning and hard work of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation team.

** The Big Day of Giving was a volunteer effort of MKTNG. Our time was donated at no cost to the Region Community Foundation and