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Integrated Marketing

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MKTNG utilizes an integrated approach to marketing. This means, we make sure that all of your marketing, PR and advertising efforts are pulling in the same direction… towards PROFIT! 

Integrated means we can be accountable for the bottomline results, while optimizing your investments in all the tactical areas. 

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming.

Good News is, You Have Options.

Brand Strategy & Design

Brand is at the center of all that we do. No matter our task, we are considering the identity of the Brand and the market it is communicating with.

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A Brand is more than a logo or color pallette. A Brand flows from a strong sense of identity that stems from a knowledge of your marketplace, your value proposition, the emotional benefit to your customers, and your competitive advantage.

The key to developing compelling creative, impactful messaging, motivating marketing and effective advertising is through a strong brand identity.

Before your first Tweet. Before your business card. Before your first flyer. 

Brand. Brand. Brand. 

MKTNG keeps the brand at the center of all we do.

Data & Analytics

Experience the difference that meaningful metrics can make. Leverage data and analysis to get a comprehensive yet focused view of your ROI, marketing attributions, and your overall marketing effectiveness. 
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Determine accurate values and make decisions and investments based on actionable insight. Track your customer’s journey and understand the impact of your multichannel relationships and connections on your marketing performance and business growth.When you truly know who your customers are and the kind of journey you want them to take with you, your brand’s message will be free from noise, and instead be crystal clear.It’s time to be driven by relevant data and insight that you need to make intelligent and strategic decisions.

Digital Advertising

Reach the right audience, in the right place, at the right time with content that resonates and inspires engagement.

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Harness digital advertising’s powerful combination of scalability and personalization to make an impact with your brand across the internet.Tap into our team’s creativity and expertise to promote brand awareness and improve your ROI with solid lead generation and measurable results. 
Seamlessly weave your brand story into your prospects’ experience, interests, and personal stories. Strengthen and nurture connections with your target audiences over with meaningful personalized messages delivered through the right online mediums at the right time. 
Let’s work together to turn your brand into a highly engaging digital presence that motivates your desired client action.

Email Marketing

Forge long-term awareness and relationships through thoughtful and consistent email marketing. Cut through the noise and create the opportunity for a direct conversation with your customers. 

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Foster loyalty and return business by connecting prospects and previous customers with your company story. Bring your blog posts and social media content to life in your customer’s inbox.
Enhance your brand experience through email campaigns that speak your customers language, echo their stories, and provide long term value. 
Leverage our solutions to ensure consistent, timely delivery of relevant marketing content, to scale your message for that personalized touch, and to determine ROI and measure the performance of your campaigns through metrics that prioritize insight and results. Inspire brand loyalty by putting relationships front and center in your email marketing efforts

Event Planning

MKTNG makes it happen! We partner with clients and the community to create tailored experiences that build indelible connections with consumers. Whether virtual or in-person, an event can catalyze your relationship with your customers. 
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Events are a key strategy in customer engagement. Regardless of your objective, MKTNG helps organizations hot maximize participation and to expand your event beyond capacity.  

  • Pop-up events
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Street Fairs
  • Fashion Shows
  • Grub/Pub Crawls
  • Virtual / Online Event Streaming
  • Media events
  • Art Shows

We thrive on collaboration, and we’re there with you every step of the way. From concept to execution, we create social experience worth talking about.  


Influencer Marketing

MKTNG knows influencers, and we know how to build partnerships We’re all about ambassadors that truly influence and inspire. Let’s find the right ambassadors for your brand.

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Boost your online marketing with something beyond ROI. Through influencer marketing, get return on relationships and return on influence. Position your brand to thrive as the value of influencer marketing steadily increases as more and more people put a premium on thought leadership and brand integrity. For us, influencer marketing is less about popularity and more about authenticity and authority. We make sure your brand finds just the right voices it needs to reach just the right kind of audience—well-informed individuals who make smart, well-considered choices. We collaborate with you to improve your brand recognition through influencer relations and influencer engagement. You deserve nothing less.


Public Relations

MKTNG knows how to engage with the public. Whether through media, events, or online, MKTNG places your brand front and center.

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In practice, public relations is a multistrategy, multitactical means of reaching various external and internal target audiences. At MKTNG, we leverage our relationships with media and our engagement strategies to weave client messages into the broad and industry news cycles. 

Search Engine Optimization

Words Matter. So does code. At the intersection of SEO are words, code and link building strategy. Sending these right signals to search engines are the tactics that yield bottom-line results. 

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Attracting organic traffic that’s relevant to your bottom line can save your thousands in long term advertising. Our team will develop a customized search engine optimization strategy for you based on in-depth knowledge of your audience, your business model, and your goals. 
Get more business from your website through increased traffic and improved rankings for qualified keywords and long-tail phrases. Increase your website visibility with modern SEO tools and services, supported by the best of breed content marketing practices. Leverage our world-class optimization and analytics features to gain insight from metrics that prioritize relevance. We offer exactly what you need. Be found by the right audience. Just What You Need. 

Social Media Management

Social media is ubiquitous. Mass adoption has made social media, in many forms, a significant part of all our lives. Let us help you break through the noise and create meaningful interactions that help drive sales.  

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Making the right investments in content is not always straight forward. Unless you happen to be selling cats, not all content sells. When, where, what to post and how  are the strengths that MKTNG offer our clients. 
Increase brand awareness by investing in your prospects’ journey. Consistently schedule posts and share relevant content that encourages interaction driven by common interests, beliefs, and values. Nurture relationships: Get substantial return on relationships with campaigns that integrate the personal stories and experiences of your present and prospective clients.Even better, sharpen your focus by partnering with the right influencers who can put your brand in front of their followers.It’s time for your brand to travel from here and there to being where it matters.

Website Development

From elegently simple to incredibly complex, MKTNG knows website development, and providing the right-sized solution. 

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Your website is the centerpiece of your company online, and in many cases offline. The images, messaging should highlight the best your company has to offer, welcome new prospects, and exude the vibrant life of your organization.  Most of all, your website should sell!
MKTNG specializes in the elegantly simple website. However, our capabilities are boundless. We can code in about any language and integrate with virtually any content management, customer relationship management or marketing automation platform.
Your business deserves a reliable marketing partner that can develop a vibrant web presence that serves as the centerpiece for communicating to and servicing your customers, that grows and matures with your company and incorporates search optimization, security and stable code. 

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