MKTNG conceived of the The Stache Bash as a live concert and party in collaboration with Yelp and Palladio. Hosted on the Palladio Piazza, proceeds from the event benefited Folsom’s Leading Young Professionals (FLYP).

Our Approach 

MKTNG created the Stache Bash as an opportunity for the Palladio Mall and it’s 55+ Stores to connect with a younger and influential demographic. With Yelp as our partner, we collaboratively organized a unique event that offered an experience tailored to the Yelp community members in the target demographic. The Stache Bach featured James Cavern, a live DJ, free beer (served by Coor’s Girls) as well as food, massage and other services from Palladio vendors.


The Elite status Yelp attendees enjoyed tasty bites, drinks, plus, live music and the engaged with a variety of the retail and food vendors on the day. Reviews, content, and images were created in real time and for many days after the event. The event raised $2600 for FLYP, increased foot traffic to the Palladio, and provided authentic reviews from the attendees experiences.

Vendors and Sponsors: Chicago Fire • Chocolate Architect • Chops Steak Seafood & Bar • Jake’s Desserts • Johnny Rockets • Panera Bread • Pinkberry • Red Robin • Starbucks • Bella Grace Vineyards • Corona • Prospect Cellars • Reyka Vodka • Skinner Vineyards • Uphill Vineyards • Apricot Lane • Phenix Salon & Suite • Serenity Spa • White House Black Market • James Cavern • Photostudio29