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We Are a Team of Makers, Creators, Dreamers, Ideators, Strategists and Producers. We Live to Bring Your Ideas to Life.

Based in Sacramento, we are a full service, integrated marketing agency with digital DNA.


We have clients nationwide and veteran leadership in digital communications, compelling creative and public relations.

We craft modern communications campaigns that integrate creative thinking with meaningful metrics. 

  • Decades of traditional agency executive leadership
  • We understand the dynamics of evolving businesses
  • We understand the digital marketing landscape
  • Our approach to creative connects the brand to business objectives
  • We understand how consumer behavior and the path to purchase



Our Approach to Marketing is Designed to Maximize Results by Iterating Quickly, Uncovering Insights and Innovation. 


/MKTNG uses a flat management structure to maintain agility and assure problem solving happens in a direct manner, not through a hierarchy. Each client has a team of professionals working on their account, with customer service facilitated through a single contact.

MKTNG Lean Process

Our Values

Our values are the same as yours. We deliver the maximum results for our clients  investment. 


We like to win, and we suspect you do too. We have been at this for a long time. We are constantly optimizing for best outcomes, because we want every campaign to perform!


A part of our management cycle, we are always looking for opportunities improve time to results, and overall outcomes. 


With an acute focus on ROI, MKTNG always balances our clients priorities, and opportunities to drive short and long term revenues.   


Dogged perseverance. If this was easy, everyone would be doing it. We work with our clients through challenges and set-backs. 

What We Do Best


Influencer Marketing

Web Development



Public Relations

Digital Advertising

Email Marketing


Social Media


Event Strategy

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