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Jibe is a transportation management association, but they are far more than that. As advocates of public transportation, ride sharing, bicycling to school and work, Jibe are the champions of making North Natomas a more livable and thriving community. MKTNG was invited by partners, Boost Media Group to host a workshop that helps to build on many years of successful campaigns and advocacy in order to bring greater clarity to their identity and elevate awareness of their mission in the community. 


Our Approach

Utilizing elements of the MKTNG Brandstorm approach, we collaborated on a half-day workshop. During our time together we discussed the history of Jibe, challenges they have experienced, as well as data from a survey of community awareness and sentiment. After the half-day workshop, members of the MKTNG and Boost Media Group team spent many sessions deliberating and discussing improvements to the Jibe messaging platform.



The results of the workshop provided useful insights and specific recommendations that ranged from messaging to a new tagline. A brand position was established for Jibe as well as a soundbite identity statement that equips the staff during their many public presentations throughout the year. Jibe’s value to the community is through its empowerment. Through their walk to school programs and bicycle repair clinics, they are the champions of choice. The choice to walk an extra day to school, or bicycle to work, because, Every Journey Matters.