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Intero Real Estate in Vacaville is the successful brokerage of Elizabeth Fry. With over 35 years of experience, Elizabeth’s brokerage covers a four county area from Yolo and Solano to Napa and Sonoma. Having practiced real estate under a few companies over the years, there was a desire to bring focus to the brand hierarchy, as well as push the boundaries of the Intero branding, established by parent Berkshire Hathaway.


Our Approach

Using data from recent years sales, we were able to provide a more accurate picture of the most profitable Intero customer. Speaking to not just any home seller, but a seller moving up to their second, third or more home, helped us to tune the branding and messaging for Intero to reach a more experienced clientele. Using insights from the MKTNG Brandstorm workshop we conducted with Intero, we identified their position in the marketplace, honed their creative and established a cohesive hierarchy for their brand. 



Intero was advertising in a variety of mediums, with each vendor taking some liberty with their brand. MKTNG created striking templates for advertising as well as for the recruitment of agents. We established a tagline for their brokerage based on their clients desire to buy or sell the right place, right price and at the right time, “It Time for Intero”.