Transforming Biomass into Power


West Biofuels, LLC, a California bioenergy and biomass company, was embarking on a unique project: constructing a facility in the North State to transform waste biomass into three megawatts of renewable energy. This endeavor was about power generation, supporting rural economic growth, preventing wildfires, and pioneering a sustainable approach to energy production. The challenge lay in effectively communicating this multifaceted initiative to various stakeholders.



Recognizing the project’s transformative potential, we devised a comprehensive communication strategy. We organized a groundbreaking event, managing logistics, inviting local stakeholders and elected officials to witness the project’s initiation firsthand, and securing local media coverage. This event served as a platform to convey the innovative nature of the project and its far-reaching implications. Our team issued press releases at each significant project milestone to keep momentum, highlighting the progress and recognition received through state and federal grants.



The result was a successful media campaign that generated significant attention across various channels. Our client’s project was mentioned on professional association websites, in newsletters, and by elected officials, demonstrating the broad impact of our communication efforts. This case underscores our ability to think creatively, strategize effectively, and execute communication plans that spotlight our client’s cutting-edge endeavors.