Navigating Digital Paid Media

Paid media revolves around strategic promotion with specific goals or key performance indicators (KPI) in mind. Those specific goals utilize particular marketing mediums as ways to achieve them efficiently. Brands invest in exposure and visibility across various digital platforms such as search engines, social media, display networks, Connected TV (CTV), and more. The primary objective? Targeting the appropriate audience, driving traffic, and converting leads. 


Now, let’s dissect paid media into five fundamental components:


  1. Display Advertising: You’ve seen those eye-catching banners or videos that pop up on websites, right? That’s display advertising in action. They’re designed to grab your attention and entice you to click for more information. Google runs the biggest display ads network, reaching a significant portion of internet users worldwide. This vast network spans over 35 million websites, apps, and properties owned by Google.
  2. Native Advertising: Have you ever been reading an article online or watching a show on your favorite streaming platform, and you suddenly see a recommendation for a product or service that fits perfectly with what you’re already enjoying? That’s native advertising. It seamlessly blends into the content you’re engaging with, making it feel like a natural part of your experience. And guess what? It’s effective. According to the 2024 Gitnux Marketdata Report, native ads can boost brand awareness by as much as 82%.
  3. Content Promotion Advertising: At times, brands aim to reach a wider audience with their content. That’s where content promotion steps in. Whether it’s a blog post, a video, or an infographic, companies can invest in promoting it to ensure more people see and interact with it. This practice is on the rise. According to Zippia, in 2024, 45% of content marketers anticipate an increase in their content marketing budget. 
  4. Search Engine Advertising (SEA): Have you ever spotted those ads right at the top of your search results? That’s what we call paid search at work. When you look for something online, like “best pizza near me,” those businesses have paid to show up there. Platforms like Google Ads let companies bid on specific keywords to make their ads more visible. And guess what? It’s a big deal. According to eMarketer, a whopping 42% of all digital marketing spending is dedicated to search marketing. Why? Because it works really well.
  5. Social Media Advertising: You’ve likely come across sponsored posts on your Facebook or Instagram feed, right? That’s social media advertising in action. Advertisers can tailor their campaigns based on factors like your age, interests, and even your online conversations. And here’s an interesting fact: according to a recent report from Datareportal, more folks discover new brands, products, and services through social media ads than through word-of-mouth recommendations, brand websites, or consumer review sites.


If you’d like to explore how to utilize paid media best to reach your target audience and grow your brand’s reach, the MKTNG team is here to help. Call 855-MKTNGCO or contact us today to get started!

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