6 Top Paid Media Trends to Watch in 2024

In today’s digital playground, change isn’t just happening—it’s hitting the gas! Gartner’s 2023 CMO Spend and Strategy Survey reveals that 25.6% of marketing budgets are now devoted to paid media, highlighting its star role in brands’ modern marketing strategies. With new tech, shifting consumer habits, and fresh regulations, it’s time not just to keep up […]

Accelerating Growth: Leveraging the Strategic Power of Paid Media

Paid media isn’t just another item to tick off your marketing checklist; it’s a powerful strategy that drives growth and boosts your brand’s influence. Here’s why paid media is crucial for any well-rounded marketing plan:   Elevating Your Brand Beyond Organic Reach Paid media helps amplify your brand’s message beyond what organic efforts can achieve […]

Evolution of Paid Media

In the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, paid media has undergone a series of transformative changes, reshaping how brands connect with their audiences. From the dawn of the internet to the current era of advanced analytics, the strategies and technologies driving paid media have continually adapted to meet the needs of both advertisers and consumers. […]

Navigating Digital Paid Media

Paid media revolves around strategic promotion with specific goals or key performance indicators (KPI) in mind. Those specific goals utilize particular marketing mediums as ways to achieve them efficiently. Brands invest in exposure and visibility across various digital platforms such as search engines, social media, display networks, Connected TV (CTV), and more. The primary objective? […]

Google Display Network vs. Programmatic – What’s Best for Your Brand?

Marketers are set to spend more than $460 billion on digital advertising in 2024, and with automated advertising now making up over 80% of the total digital display ad spend in the U.S., the landscape is buzzing with opportunity! But choosing between programmatic advertising and Google Ads can feel like navigating a maze. Fear not—we’re […]

Why Hiring a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency is a Game Changer for Your Brand

When it comes to digital marketing, there are many ways to boost your business! However, how your brand chooses to approach digital marketing can impact your ROI. Picture this: an in-house marketer bogged down with internal timelines, a narrow skillset, multiple vendors, and a lack of a cohesive, integrated marketing strategy. Or imagine a paid […]