Jeff Pulvino

Vice President of Operations

Jeff Pulvino, as the Vice President of Operations at MKTNG, brings an exceptional blend of over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience and digital marketing prowess, instrumental in scaling businesses to remarkable heights. His journey includes elevating one of his ventures to $25 million in revenue by its second year and playing a pivotal role in catapulting a venture capitalist startup from zero to $100 million within three years. At MKTNG, Jeff's strategic oversight in operations management and marketing initiatives is foundational to driving operational efficiencies, reducing customer acquisition costs, and enhancing revenue growth. His adeptness in implementing cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, alongside a keen focus on brand management, lead generation, and marketing automation, solidifies the company's leadership position in the industry, fueling strategic growth and operational excellence.

Beyond his professional accolades, Jeff's passion for the outdoors and dedication to faith and family underscore a holistic leadership approach that integrates personal values with professional expertise. This unique blend makes him an invaluable asset to MKTNG, steering the company towards continued success and innovation in the competitive marketing landscape.