An abandoned apartment building located in the heart of downtown Sacramento, the Art Hotel was a temporary, immersive art exhibit that was open for just nine days. 130 artists, locally and from around the world, dead and alive, transformed the building’s 14 rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and stairwell for the community to experience and enjoy.

Photos by Martin Christian Photography and Dreyfuss + Blackford Architects

Our Approach

Media outlets were not allowed access into the Art Hotel until the day it opened in February. With just a Facebook event, website and a group of volunteers from M5Arts to run the show, additional promotion was vital to get people to come out to experience the exhibition. MKTNG managed the outpouring of interest from regional media. Print media outlets were paired with individual artists to tell their own stories. City Scout was selected to be our media partner to create several pieces including videos, podcast, events and photography. More press releases and a media alert followed, leading up to the VIP Opening Night and Media Preview Event, both occurring before the grand opening to the general public on February 5.


The Art Hotel experienced over 12,000 visitors in the nine days that it was open! We received live coverage from all local TV media, and we had over 80 features from multiple media outlets, including Spain and Nigeria. Over 3,000 people utilized #ArtHotel916 on Instagram. In addition, Dreyfuss + Blackford Architects created the Virtual Art Hotel, a temporary online tour for those who may have missed it, or want to experience it all over again. The media generated a reach of 22,291,802 impressions and a total media value of $76,343.00. Here are a few of our earned media features: Fox40 – Art Hotel 916 Sacramento Bee – Art Hotel Captures City’s Creative Drive Submerge Magazine – Art Hotel: If You Build It, They Will Come