MKTNG has Updated Their Relationship Status

MKTNG is excited to announce our programming partnership with the Sacramento Business Journal. Launched six years ago as a forum for networking and education, Connectionopolis has provided a wealth of resources to thousands in the business community. For the past five years, Connectionopolis programming has been a partnership with Social Media Club Sacramento, or SMCSAC (also under the direction of MKTNG President and CEO, Scott Eggert).
MKTNG will be expanding on the Connectionopolis themes, which previously focused on social media. Programming will include a broader look at best practices and opportunities in marketing for regional organizations, including the latest in social and digital media.
Our first event is a look at best practices for nonprofits as we approach the Big Day of Giving, hosted by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation on May 3rd. The upcoming panel, Raising Awareness and Inspiring Donations, hosted at Shriners Hospital on April 20th, will serve as a great opportunity for nonprofits to fine-tune their strategies as they are already in the process of marketing their respective organizations for the Day of Giving. The panel, moderated by Kim Tucker of Impact Foundry, will feature Katie McCleary of 916Ink, Bobby Mann of Front Street Animal Shelter and Lisa Wrightsman of Lady Salamanders (a Street Soccer USA team).


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