Just What You Need

There’s something to be said for saying only what needs to be said.

When we started MKTNG we knew the world didn’t need another typical agency that can ‘do it all’… we decided to focus on just what’s needed.

A part of launching a new company is building on, or taking away from, existing business models. In our case we were bound and determined to strip away as much as possible, and to focus on a workplace culture that is as rewarding as it is productive. This thought leads us to a couple of questions.

What is necessary and what is wasteful?

What contributes to an organization’s culture and what dampens morale and creativity?

Personally, I have long felt that the California Milk Advisory Board has it right, ”good milk comes from happy cows”*. In fact, I think that this pertains to each of us in our respective workplaces. Over the past decade major employers have begun to alter the work environment of employees to maximize employee satisfaction, hence the communal open office and work-from-home benefits that have proliferated. For us, we keep our focus on that “good marketing comes from happy marketers”.

We believe;

There is something about a finished product that shines when it has been imbued with the passion and ethos of its creators.

There is something about the finished product when it reflects the culture on the inside.

There is something about the finished products origin story that gives it integrity.


In Sacramento we believe in this wholeheartedly, when it comes to our food, origins matter. We are surrounded by much of the world’s best food. Where our food is grown matters and how it is produced has a significant impact on the taste. So much so, we even concern ourselves with the quality of life of the farmers and their communities.

This is the essence of the “Farm to Fork” movement. It differentiates Sacramento from anywhere else in our nation because it truly matters where our food comes from, the soil it is borne in, the water and nutrients it is fed, who grew it and how it arrived on our table.


When I started MKTNG, I felt as though the roots of our company matters. The ecosystem surrounding our productivity and creativity seeps into our final product. Sacramento is a fertile environment rich with innovators, hackers, makers, designers, coders, ideators and more. New ideas are encouraged and risks rewarded. Birthing a company in this environment makes a difference.

We have stripped away what we don’t need. We partner with people who get us, and who we can do something for in return – reciprocity is an important value in a professional community.

At /MKTNG we produce things unlike any other agency. We believe that how we work keeps us more than competitive. We believe that how we work produces better results. We have discarded what was unnecessary for a modern agency and we have adapted the tools and workflow of a digital start-up. We have adopted a flat management structure to become more flexible. Our infrastructure is our people and creativity is our intellectual property. We are agile and adaptable, we are lean. This frees our team to focus on results and solutions that matter. JUST WHAT YOU NEED

*At no time during the reading of this post should any MKTNG employees or partners be compared to cows.


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