Cresleigh Homes

Cresleigh is a developer  providing homes in five states. Cresleigh is a developer of multiple dwelling units (apartment and townhome communities), single family homes and mixed use commercial buildings in the urban core.


MKTNG worked with Cresleigh to update sales and marketing practices with next generation digital sales tools. Marketing Automation services were deployed along with responsive emails and social media as a part of a comprehensive content marketing and communications strategy. Thought automating key parts of the sales and marketing process, MKTNG was able to create reliable actionable sales data on prospects that had toured available homes. Leads were developed through the use of digital advertising on social media and other websites, and retargeting users who visit community pages on the builder’s website.


Feedback from our marketing automation partner provided valuable insights about prospects which was delivered to the Cresleigh sales team to close on prospects demonstrating the greatest intent to purchase.