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Brightwork Realty Advocates cared about content marketing.

Brightwork Realty Advocates is a real estate group serving the East Bay Area in Northern California. They partner with their clients to help them make smart, solutions-based real estate choices to achieve their real estate goals. Keeping top of mind in the residents of the communities they service is crucial to their success and growth.

Our Approach

Utilized social content creation, relevant blogs, and email marketing to keep top-of-mind and deliver interesting and useful real estate information to people interested in East Bay area real estate. Posted regular social content that was branded and relevant, allowing the individual realtors to share posts to their sphere of influence and increase brand awareness amongst potential clients. Regularly published blogs on the website help position the brand as an expert in the industry. Created a monthly branded email sent out to each agent’s CRM to keep them top-of-mind and deliver helpful information to warm leads.


The social content has increased the reach on their social media platforms on average by 300% and increased the content reactions by 600% on average! The blogs have helped increase website traffic to their new website that launched mid-year, which has helped increase the retargeting audiences for their digital display ad campaigns. The agent-branded emails have had an average open rate and click rate over the industry average each month and have helped the agents foster better relationships with potential and existing clients.