Small Business Booster Program

Has Coronavirus impacted your business? MKTNG is here to help!


90 Day Business Booster




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We’ll Do the Marketing, You Answer the Phone and Cash the Checks

Don’t let your company be another Coronavirus casualty. Revitalize your company online and reconnect with your customers. People in your community are looking to help local entrepreneurs. Stand out and get seen.

The 90 Day Business Booster includes:  

Website, Social Media and Email Marketing Audit and Optimization


Establish clear, direct lines of communications with your customers… especially when face to face is not an option

Reactivate former customers, generate new leads, and make more sales!

A Few Organizations we Have Worked With


The 90 Day Business Boost is designed to generate quick revenues, and to make your pipeline sing! We address common headaches with websites, and social media channels, and activate previous customers (return business + referrals) with email marketing. Finally, we activate new customers through digital advertising. 


The 90 Day Business Booster included 10 hours of work to repair or enhance your website in order to acomodate new leads. If you don’t have a website, or for any other reason, your website can not acomodate updates, we will create a landing page for your business. 

Social Media

Over the past few years, many small businesses have been challenging the effectivness of their social media marketing. If your business is not a restaurant, deals with food in general, or for some reason cats(?), it can be hard to capture users attention. We know how to capture users attention. However, we also know better than to waste time chasing algorithms. 

The 90 Day Busiess Boost includes 2 – 3 organic posts a week – designed and posted by our team. Your buisness will be active and attentive. We will also used advertising to drive eyeballs to specific, strategic messages that are made to drive traffic and convert. 

Email Marketing

Email is your principal tool for direct communications with all of your customers. We encourage a minimum of monthly emails with your customers. The 90 Day Business Booster program includes a monthly email, designed by our team. Proofs will obviously be provided for your approval in advance. Email is the best way to directly keep in touch and reincentivize former customers to repurchase or recommend your business to others. 


Waiting for the right eyeballs to happen upon your website or social media posts is too passive. Using advanced targeting, we will deliver your message to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. If relevant, we also have the capability to retarget visitors and bring back those who demonstrate intent-to-purchase!

We Know What Works

We Know What Works

We leverage a combination new and innovative technology, paired with time-tested marketing strategy. 

Fast & Reliable

You have bigger things to worry about than when and how marketing is getting done.

Creative & Effective

Our combination of design and strategy are time tested and deliver bottomline results.

Scott Eggert, President

“I started my own small business before I was 25. I have worked with hundreds of businesses and nonprofits. I thrive on helping entrepreneurs fulfill their goals and accomplish great things!”


With over 15 years of executive marketing leadership, We have worked with hundreds of organizations, regional and nationwide. MKTNG has worked with some of the regions biggest brands. We know Sacramento, and are known for our work. 

Scott is one of the most gifted and talented Digital Strategists that I have ever met. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in digital. He is also able to easily communicate high level concepts and strategy in a way that is digestible for even the most tech challenged.

Dustin Ryen

CoFounder, Zumapoke

Scott is a highly-creative, innovative individual. He has continually been out in front of the latest technological advances with practical applications and out-of-the-box thinking. I can think of no better person to have on a team if one were to begin a new venture. On a personal level, Scott is a man of great integrity and character–a man who treats everyone with respect.

Donald Bowes

Fmr Vice President, Bank of the West

Scott is one of the most talented and creative people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He knows what it takes to get the job done on a small and large scale. Scott is truly an amazing resource and I would recommend him to anyone.

Ryan Bonnee

Director of Partnerships, SharpSpring

We Are Here To Offer a Hand Up

These have been perilous times for our economy. While it sometimes feels helpless, our community has overcome downturns before. We believe in the best of our region, and we want to be a part of the solution!

The Future Starts Now

There is a lot going on. Don’t put your business on the back burner. There are a lot of business owners waiting on the sidelines for ‘normalcy’ to return. Don’t take this pandemic lying down. Let us help you get back to work and ahead of the game!

Let’s beat this economy.

Let’s beat this disease. 

Let’s show what our businesses are capable of!





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Located in Sacramento, MKTNG is an integrated marketing agency, serving growing brands with a full suite of marketing services including, branding, design, social media, public relations, website development, email marketing, digital advertising and strategy.